Should You Spay/Neuter Your Pet? A List of Pros and Cons

Spaying/neutering your female/male pets has several advantages. The important consideration, according to recent studies, is the timing of the procedure. New research indicates that it might be better to wait until your pet hits puberty before altering him/her. This may, however, increase the risk quotient of the surgery.

The key reasons cited for spaying or neutering pets are:

Birth control: Pet homelessness is rampant in the US. Healthy cats and dogs that cannot find homes may sometimes be euthanized. As such, spaying and neutering is now integral to adoption programs at shelters. Altering your pet will ensure that there are no unplanned and homeless litters in the neighborhood.

Behavioral benefits: Altered pets will not exhibit mating behaviors like yowling, mounting, urinating to mark their territory or attract mates. Altering will also reduce their tendency to stay away from home and endanger themselves.

Medical benefits: Spaying can prevent uterine infections and breast tumors in female pets, and testicular/prostate problems in males. Besides, altered pets do not have to go through the stress of being in heat without having the opportunity to mate.

Naysayers argue that spaying or neutering have negligible advantages and is unnatural. They contend it will:

  • make pets obese
  • not change their basic temperament,
  • cause other medical issues such as hormonal imbalances, certain cancers, and debilitating diseases in some breeds.

Nonetheless, the pros outweigh the cons, especially if the pet owner lacks the space, time, and resources to support breeding. A modified diet and exercise plan can tackle weight and potential health issues to a large extent in altered pets.

If you choose to alter your pet, the best approach is to talk to your vet and determine an appropriate age to spay or neuter. Make sure you ask for detailed post-operative care instructions as well.

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