If you’re seeking quality care for your pet or animal, it’s in your best interest to find a vet with experience, poise and candor, who can assist your pet in overcoming any health struggles they’re currently facing and lead them to a higher quality of life.

Since 1980, D’Iberville Veterinary Hospital, led by Dr. Jeffrey Comstock, has made it a mission to offer the very best in veterinary care to animals and peace of mind to their owners. We go above and beyond what other animal clinics in D’Iberville, MS provide, to see to it that every aspect of your animal’s health is in good hands.

D’Iberville Veterinary Hospital is a family-owned hospital located in the heart of D’Iberville. For almost 40 years, we have worked tirelessly to serve the local community and build a relationship of mutual trust and cooperation. Our exceptionally motivated staff share a philosophy of kindness and caring and we would love you to take a moment to get acquainted with our team of super heroes


Dr. Jeffrey Comstock is one of the very best professionals in veterinary care and has an enviable résumé that tells a story of a lifetime of dedication to animal care. He brings a depth of credentialing and certification to D’Iberville Veterinary Hospital and all of the animals he treats:

  • Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, DVM, Mississippi State University
  • Masters in Public Health, MPH, University of Southern Mississippi
    • Emphasis in Veterinary Public Health
  • University of Southern Mississippi, Bachelors of Science in Biology
    • Minor in Chemistry and Psychology
  • Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (MGCCC), Associate of Arts
  • Member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association, and Society for Theriogenology

He continues to hone his knowledge and advance his practice, making sure every patient receives the benefit of modern techniques and ideas.

Dr. Comstock also knows how important it is to stay true to one’s roots. Having grown up in Biloxi, MS and graduated from Biloxi High School, he has strong ties to the local community and all of its people and pets.