Top 5 Winter Care Tips for Your Pets

While some animals prefer the cold, others enjoy a nice nap by the fireside. Here are five tips to keep your pet feeling its best all through the cold season.

  1. Get Your Pets Indoors

Although some pets may love playing in the snow and can withstand colder temperature, they still need to be provided warm and dry housing. In rural areas, working dogs and cats are used to being outdoors but even they need to be given winter shelter. Let them into your garage or tack room and make sure they have a supply of fresh food and water all through the winter. Give them thick blankets and make them cozy beds, away from drafts.

  1. Beware of Winter Puddles

When people use antifreeze on the precipitation on roads and sidewalks, they leave a residue of ethylene glycol in the puddles. Keep your pets away from these puddles, as they can be fatal, if ingested. Also make sure to wipe their paws and underside when they come in from outside, as salt and deicers can irritate their skin. When going on outdoor excursions, cover them in sweaters and booties to keep them warm and safe from toxic anti-freeze substances.

  1. Don’t Turn Your Car into a Death Machine

Cars hold in the cold, so do not leave your pet alone in the car during winter. It might freeze to death. Also, cats tend to seek warmth under vehicle hoods in winter, so knock on the hood of your car to alert them before starting up your car.

  1. Have a Winter Diet

If your pets are frisky and like to spend a lot of time outdoors, increase their calorie intake so they stay warm. However, if they prefer the indoors, put them on a fixed diet or even lower their food intake so they do not become obese. Fish-based diets are ideal for this season, as the omega fatty acids will give them healthy coats and skin. Above all, ensure they stay hydrated. If they feel too cold to drink their usual quota of water, add more soups and broths to their diet.

  1. Skin Care for a Winter Glow

Just like with humans, animals’ skin too becomes dry, flaky, and itchy during winter. Dabbing some snout and paw butter on their extremities can keep them from cracking. Equally important for that healthy, fresh look is a conditioner. After giving your pet a bath, use a conditioner so the dryness in the air does not lead to static. Conditioner-based shampoos and pet wipes will keep your pets’ coats refreshed, smelling good, and above all, ensure that they do not get unpleasant shocks when walking past curtains or lying down on mats.

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