For first-time pet owners, the issues surrounding a visit to the vet can seem mysterious and overwhelming. Believe it or not, veterinarians can do a lot more for your pets than just give them a shot or a yearly checkup. As a full service animal hospital, we can help your animal in a great number of ways that you may never have even considered.


You’ve probably heard about parents who are against vaccinating their children for one reason or another. Believe it or not, there is a similar group of people who are against vaccinating their animals. While it’s safe to say most (if not all) human doctors disagree with the anti-vaccination crowd, veterinarians are torn about regularly vaccinating your pets. Whether or not your pet needs to be vaccinated against certain diseases usually depends on the breed. You can trust veterinarians in D’Iberville, MS to do what’s best for your animal regarding vaccinations.


Animals require checkups to make sure they’re in tip-top shape. Your pet can’t tell you when they’re not feeling well—although certain behaviors like not eating or drinking can be strong indicators—so play it safe and schedule routine visits with our staff to have a better chance at catching a health issue before it becomes a major problem for your pet.

Boarding and grooming

If you’re going away for a while on a vacation or business trip, don’t leave your animal at home! You never know what kind of mischief your cat or dog will get into when they’re home alone. Do the smart thing and board your pet at our facility, where you can be sure that they’re well taken care of and have a blast playing with all of the other animals.

We can also take care of any grooming needs your pet might require. Drop your animal off before work and pick them up in the afternoon with a brand new haircut.

House calls

It seems pretty rare for a human doctor to make house visits these days. Fortunately for you, our staff will gladly make a trip to your house to care for any pet that’s too injured to make it in to the facility. Likewise, if you have a sick farm animal that’s just too big to get into our doors, we’ll make a special visit to your farm to assess and fix the problem. House calls are available my appointment only.

Blood work

Just like humans, animals occasionally need blood work done to ensure they’re healthy and don’t have any problems that can be detected via abnormal blood test results. After an abnormal blood test, veterinarians in D’Iberville, MS will be able to diagnose a health problem and start working on a plan to get your pet back to good health as soon as possible.

Spay and neutering

As Bob Barker always said, “Don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets!” We offer same-day spay and neutering services. Drop your animal off in the morning and pick him or her up after work at night!

Call D’Iberville Veterinary Hospital today if your furry friend needs any of the above services!

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