A large part of being a cat owner is knowing the importance of being aware of your pet’s health and wellness, and being proactive about getting your cat the proper healthcare plays a major role in keeping your animal happy and healthy. While your cat may be acting fine and showing no signs of illness, it is still imperative that you bring your cat to the vet in D’Iberville, MS for a routine checkup on a regular basis. Your vet will be able to check for signs of illness or disease and ensure your cat lives a long and healthy life.

Preventative care for your cat

When you visit your vet in D’Iberville, MS, there are several things that they will check for in your cat. Cats are notoriously good at hiding illnesses and may be sick without you even knowing it. Your cat may not be presenting any abnormal behavior that would indicate that they are sick. Fortunately, a vet is trained to spot signs and symptoms that indicate that your cat may not be in a state of optimum health.

If your vet notices something not quite right in your cat, they will hopefully be able to prevent the illness from getting any worse. With a routine checkup, your vet in D’Iberville, MS may be able to identify an illness that would go untreated without a professional examination. Getting regular checkups can prevent your cat from getting sicker down the road. A vet will be able to spot the signs that your cat is sick and help take care of the illness as soon as possible.

Prevent illness with routine checkups

Obesity can also be prevented in your cat through regular visits to your vet in D’Iberville, MS. Each time you visit the vet, you get an accurate weight for your cat, which can help determine if they are on their way to becoming overweight. A vet can see signs that your cat is too heavy for their size and recommend nutritional advice that can help get your cat to a healthier weight. With almost 50 percent of cats being overweight, you want to catch this early before a real problem occurs. Regular vet examinations can help prevent obesity and diagnose a weight problem early on.

Dental issues are another problem that a vet in D’Iberville, MS can detect in the early stages. With most cats developing a dental issue in their first three years of life, it is important to have their teeth checked on a regular basis for any signs of decay or disease. During a routine checkup, a vet will examine your cat’s mouth for any signs that there is something wrong. If dental problems are caught early, they can be corrected and help maintain your cat’s oral health.

Scheduling regular vet checkups for your cat can help prevent illness and disease from becoming larger problems that will affect your cat’s health. When caught early, most illnesses can be treated, leaving your cat to live a long life. At D’Iberville Veterinary Hospital, we treat large and small animals, and we are trained to detect the smallest of issues in your pet, helping them to live longer, happier lives. To schedule a checkup for your cat, contact us today.

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