When looking for a veterinarian in D’Iberville, MS, you want to make sure that you choose an expert who is committed to providing your animal with the best care possible. Sometimes, this can mean conducting research on local vets before making a selection on an animal health care provider. Finding a qualified, reliable veterinarian to provide for your pet can be simple as long as you ask the right questions. The following are key qualities to look for when choosing your pet’s vet:

  • Accreditation: First and foremost, you want to ensure that any animal health care provider you work with is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). This means that the AAHA recognizes the facility, and that the pet hospital has maintained a certain level of quality care. Accreditation also ensures that your veterinarian stays up to date on new medical information and research available, so that they can provide your pet with the latest advancements in the industry.
  • Accessibility: When you are in need of a veterinarian in D’Iberville, MS, you want to make sure that the professional you choose is available to care for your pet. Ask the vet about the business’ operating hours and whether they are able to offer house or farm calls. Reliable vets should also have a recommended course of action in place for emergencies. You may also want to inquire about how much access you would have to your pet if it becomes hospitalized, and how frequently the facility provides updates to owners if a pet undergoes treatment.
  • Proper equipment: Asking about equipment is an important part of distinguishing the right professional for your pet. Any established veterinary hospital should have the following equipment onsite or within easy reach: x-ray machine, ultrasound technology, dentistry equipment, laboratory testing supplies, IVs and blood pressure monitors. If your pet hospital does not have this equipment, or if it seems unclean or outdated, it may be time to look elsewhere for veterinary care.
  • Dedicated staff: If your pet has a health concern, chances are you will first speak to a member of the office and nursing staff before speaking with a vet. Take a moment to ask about the staff and even ask for a tour of the hospital facility before selecting your pet’s hospital. During your visit, look for a staff that is knowledgeable in veterinary medicine, and has longevity with the business. These are key signs that the hospital is operating efficiently
  • Friendly demeanor: If you visit in advance, look carefully at how the staff engages with animals. While it is okay for nurses and vets to be assertive and in control around animals, it is not okay for them to be aggressive. Pay attention to whether the doctor and his or her staff seem calm, friendly and enthusiastic about their practice. Then, monitor how the animals appear to feel about the staff. Animals should feel at ease and unthreatened by the professionals who provide their care.

If you would like more information on how to choose a pet hospital or would like to schedule an initial consultation with a vet, visit D’Iberville Veterinary Hospital today.

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